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Thank you for visiting my website.
The pages give details of all available stock at this date.  All previous web-pages are void, other than the list of 0-gauge spare parts.  Please ensure you ‘re-load’ your page to ensure you are looking at the latest postings, but if you are reading this you are probably OK!

These web pages equate to my hard-copy List No. 104 issued December 2019.

General Observations
I have deliberately not being acquiring much new stock over the past few months, hence these lists do not contain so many new items, although in updating  the lists I have realised just how much has changed since the previous issue in July 2018 !  I also point out that much stock passes through my hands without ever getting a chance to appear on the website. Preparation of entries (text and pictures) for the website is very time-consuming and I therefore update completely just twice per year. However, I try to up-load a supplement in-between main updates if there are sufficient stock changes in stock.

Hints and tips
You may find that an item has been sold or reserved prior to your e-mail, ‘phone call or letter. However, if you miss an item I may be able to compensate by advising you of recently-acquired items which are not yet listed.

Meetings for Hornby enthusiasts are now held throughout the British Isles, monthly or bi-monthly.  .You would be most welcome at any of them if you are within travelling distance. Details are given in the HRCA magazine.  Berkshire meetings are held on the 2nd. Wednesday of each month, at Mortimer, RG7 5EQ.

Major toyfairs
Although I no longer organise the renowned  'Reading Vintage' toy fair, this event is arguably THE BEST  for vintage toys only.   The 'Vintage' event is now incorporated into a general 'Reading Toy Fair', and the next event will be held on Sunday 14th. April 2019. About 150 trading tables and many exhibitions are already booked. 

The other major event in the South of England is that held at Sandown Park Racecourse.  This caters for all classes and ages of toys, not just vintage.
Other recommended fairs which usually display a good variety of ‘vintage’ material (operating and for sale) are:
Beckenham, Kent (April), TCS Leicester (March and November), TCS summer event (August, at Stoke Mandeville), Alresford, Hampshire (June), and Amersham-on-the-Hill (October),

allow time for me to deal with your orders. I employ no staff and can deal with one thing at one time only!

I try to despatch parcels within a few days of receipt of order/payment, but please allow up to 14 days before making a follow-up enquiry. Each premature enquiry tends to slow up the whole process!
Although I try to accommodate all enquiries, it would be appreciated if orders could be above £10.

Posting No.104   •   January 2019
The small print.........
The placing of an order against this list indicates your agreement with the Terms and Conditions of Sale.  If you wish to consult them, a copy will be provided on request.   Please make sure that you read and understand them from time to time.

Important change to my ‘Spare parts’ pages
I have changed the name of my ‘0-gauge spare parts’ business from ‘Somerlea Spares’ to ‘Old Tin Toy Train Parts’.
The website for spare parts is now ‘www.Old Tin Toy Train Parts.co.uk’ (secure website) but the lists can also be accessed from this website (www.maddocktoys.com).  To find the spares lists, click on the '0-gauge' icon and then on the 'spare parts' icon.

e-mail for spare parts: mail@otttp.co.uk (note: one letter O, 3 t’s and a p)

and finally.....
I thank you all for your custom, whether you have 'followed' me for all of the past quarter of a century, or are a recent visitor,  
I plan to revise the pages in June 2019, but will issue a 'Latest Stock’ page before then if my stock changes sufficiently.

My best wishes to you for the year2019.  

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