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I have pleasure in presenting my latest up-date of my stock-lists. This is dated 1st. January 2022, but please see the Home Page for the date of any ‘Latest Stock’ additions which may be posted subsequent to this date. I send best wishes to all for a more congenial 2022 and that circumstances may change for the better after the prolonged period of instability and restrictions which have affected us all. Hopefully our interest in models has enabled us to remain positive in outlook.

Despite my intention to ‘wind-down’ and perhaps retire completely, together with some health problems, my fascination with vintage toys, models and associated ephemera continues unabated, and, despite the absence of toy-fairs for the exchange of goods, I still seem to have acquired a good selection of new items over the past six months. Therefore, it is ‘business as usual’ for a further period of time.

I have further new stock ‘in the pipeline’, so I hope to issue a supplement of ‘Latest Stock’ over the next few months, until my lists are again fully revised in mid-2022.

I am always interested in acquiring similar items to those listed, so if you wish to dispose of any items from your collection, please consider me as s possible buyer. Also don’t forget that I operate a separate business supplying hundreds of different spare parts for Hornby 0-gauge trains.

Please contact me, preferably by e-mail, but telephone or letter otherwise, if any item (or items) is of interest to you. I usually have only one of any item, so if the item in question has already been sold, I may be able to offer an alternative.

I hope to hear from you

January 2022
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