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I send you greetings at this half-way stage of 2022 with the wish and hope that you are well and have emerged from the pandemic in good spirits, although we must continue to be vigilant.

Despite my intention to ‘wind-down’ and perhaps retire completely, my fascination with vintage toys, models and associated ephemera continues unabated, despite the absence of toy-fairs for the exchange of goods. The website pages ‘consolidate’ all items in stock at June 2022. There are not many new items since the publication of ‘supplements’ in February and April, but it now brings everything ‘under one roof’. It is ‘business as usual’ for a further period of time.

Please contact me by e-mail, telephone or letter if any item is of interest. I usually have only one of any item, so if the item in question has already been sold, I may be able to offer an alternative.

Despite not attending many fairs, I still have opportunities to acquire new items, so I hopeto issue a supplement over the next few months, until my lists are again fully revised at the end of 2022;

I am always interested in acquiring items similar to those listed , so if you are considering a disposal, please give me a chance to discuss matters with you. My slogan for thirty-odd years – ‘Buying or selling -I offer a good deal’.

Yours sincerely

July 2022
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