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This list is very much a ‘consolidation’ of my December 2022 list and my March 2023 Supplement. I have attended very few toy-fairs in the past six months, although those attended have been very enjoyable, meeting friends old and new and sharing the wonderful atmosphere of the world of toys and models.

Despite the absence of fairs, I have acquired items in most categories of my activities - Hornby and other 0-gauge, Hornby-Dublo, general model railways, diecasts, lead, Meccano, Minics and literature. The good news for me but less good for you is that some of the most desirable have already been sold to those who have seen them!

Please contact me by telephone, letter or e-mail if any item is of interest to you. I usually have only one of any item, so if the item in question has already been sold, I may be able to offer an alternative.

I have further new stock ‘in the pipeline’, so I hope to issue one or more supplementsduring over the next six months until my lists are again fully revised at the end of 2023.

Yours sincerely

30 June 2023
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