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The web-pages‘consolidate’ all previously-issued listings, which are now obsolete.

Despite attending very few toy-fairs in 2023, and indeed since the ‘covid pandemic, I continue to be very actively engaged in the delightful world of ‘vintage’ toys and models, particularly Hornby and other products of the wonderful Meccano factory. Those fairs which I have attended have been very enjoyable, meeting friends old and new and sharing the atmosphere of the world of toys and models.

Despite the absence of fairs, toys of all types and conditions continue to ‘come my way’ by reason of my thirty-odd years of contacts in the business. I have acquired items in most categories of my activities - Hornby and other 0-gauge, Hornby-Dublo, general model railways, diecasts, lead, Meccano, Minics, Mamod and other live-steam, novelties such as jig-saw puzzles and badges, and a whole world of printed matter. The good news for me but less good for you is that some of the most desirable get sold very quickly to those who see them or keep in close contact with me!

Please contact me by e-mail, telephone or letter if any item is of interest to you. I usually have only one of any item, so if the item in question has already been sold, I may be able to offer an alternative.

I have further new stock ‘in the pipeline’, soI hopeto issue one or more supplements over the next six months until my lists are again fully revised in mid-2024

I also remind Hornby 0-gauge enthusiasts that I operate a ’spare parts supply’ business alongside my mainstream ‘ready-to-run’ business, so if you need any parts to keep your trains running, please view my listings. I can also recommend repairers if you feel unable to tackle jobs yourself.

With all good wishes for 2024

Yours sincerely

4th January 2024
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